I’m on vacation until the middle of next week.

Meanwhile, check out the status of my two blogs-in-progress: Get Rich Slowly and Four Color Comics. They’re both nearing fully-operational status; I hope to have everything completed in the next couple of weeks. (Yes, I’m insane to be trying to maintain three blogs, four if you count the flotch.)

Get Rich Slowly is my new personal finance blog. It’s a spinoff of my get rich slowly weblog entry from last spring in which I analyzed financial self-help books. This site is meant to be less about high finance, and more about daily personal finance for the average person: avoiding (or eliminating) debt, living frugally, and learning to invest for the future. I just opened the discussion forum this morning where anyone can go to post a question or to chat about personal finance stuff.

Four Color Comics is my new comics blog. I claim that it’s about “comics for grown-ups”, but really it’s just about whatever comic stuff Joel and I want to write about. Check out the comic reviews section for some of Joel’s very witty writing. Or, take a look at the daily funny pages, to which I post scans of old comic strips.

Trying to maintain all of these weblogs is a huge time sink, as I’m sure you can imagine. Because of this, I’m looking for people who have the time and inclination to contribute to them now and then. Send me links! Point me to magazine articles and books and graphic novels! Better yet, write a comic review, or send me info on how you save money by frequenting garage sales. I’m willing to take as much or as little as you give.

I’m off for a relaxing weekend in Bend. Take care.

Happy birthday, Mom!

6 Replies to “Four Color Comics and Get Rich Slowly”

  1. JC says:

    Been really enjoying your GRS blog. [Can’t leave a comment on it for some reason.]

  2. Joel says:

    I tried PXN8 (see flotch). It didn’t seem to work. I guess I’ll continue to muddle along with MS Picture It!

  3. anna says:

    Congrats for your two blogs. Get Rich Slowly is helpful to manage day to day finance and invest for future. Four color comics “comics for grown up”. I m enjoying both these sites. Good work.

  4. Mom says:

    Thank you, J.D.!

  5. TJ Lannon says:

    Being new to this area I am interested in finding a new barber. That’s why I’ve been lurking about on the internet trying to find someone, anyone who knows the kind I’m looking for. I’m looking for a barber who knows how to not only cut your hair but does a through and proper job all the way. Someone who understands that the barber chair was made to lay back for a reason and uses it to lay you back and trim your beard properly, shave your neck then wrap your face in a steaming towel and finishing off with a splash of Witch Hazel! If anyone knows of such a man anywhere within a hundred miles of Kennewick I’d be grateful for the information.

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