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The Long and Winding Road

28 November 2006

In which I wait and wait and wait and wait for my new computer to ship from Apple.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

27 November 2006

In which we make a terrible meal for friends. In which I make some delicious bean soup for myself.

Tales of the Chicken, part six

22 November 2006

In which I share more adventures of the animals at Custom Box.

Nintendo Wii: First Impressions

20 November 2006

In which I rave about the Nintendo Wii.

Old Historic Temple, Rising Grandly Through the Years

19 November 2006

In which we attend a college reunion.

Firefox 2: Geek Heaven

18 November 2006

In which Firefox 2 saves my bacon.


17 November 2006

In which I am cold through-and-through.

Power Nap

16 November 2006

In which I discover the joys of a directed nap.

Update on the Shop Cats (and Chicken)

14 November 2006

In which the animals at the shop are doing well.

Wellness Coach

11 November 2006

Get Rich Slowly has afforded me some unexpected opportunities. Among the most exciting of these is the chance to work with a “wellness coach”. Lauren Muney, who runs Physical Mind, contacted me after a recent GRS entry in which I lamented how fat I am (a subject with which foldedspace readers are all-too-familiar). I’m a […]

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