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Firefox 2: Geek Heaven

I have died and gone to geek heaven.

I recently downloaded Firefox 2 for the Mac. I like the improved tab management. I hate the fact that the scroll bar is still broken.

But what simply has me in ecstasy is this: my Mac just crashed hard while connecting to my lovely 23″ Apple Cinema Display. (This is an issue that I need to look into.) “Crap,” I thought. “I’ve just lost all my work. All my open weblog entries. All my open browser pages.”

I had five open Firefox windows, each with at least a dozen open pages. That’s a lot of stuff to lose track of.

But when I restarted the computer and relaunched my browser, Firefox asked me if I wanted to restore my previous session! Holy cats! I’ve been wanting something like this for ages! And sure enough: the browser has re-opened every single page I’d been using before the crash.

This is like a geek dream come true.

Now if only there were a similar feature for BBEdit, my text editor. I weep to think how much writing just evaporated into the electric ether. (I had a nice entry going about the birds/squirrels in the yard that is now lost.)

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  1. OmniWeb will save your tabs (nice icons, too) but probably not the precise state. I didn’t know FF2 did that.

    OmniWeb, while finally (v.5.5) excellent, is not free (anathema!). It is, however, the fastest broweser for Mac.