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Three Out of Four Cats Agree…

28 February 2007

In which the cats love to sit in Kris’ lap.

This American Life Coming to Television

26 February 2007

In which I’m excited about TAL coming to Showtime.

Sometimes a Cheap Meal is Expensive

My sister-in-law, Tiffany, called yesterday. “Do you guys want to have lunch at the new Thai place?” she asked. We did. Kris and I are eager to find another cheap restauarant close by. We picked up Tiff and drove to the Thai place, but it wasn’t open. Instead, we walked over to Sully’s, a small […]

Smart Kids

23 February 2007

In which I meditate on what it was like to be a smart kid, and how that has affected who I am today. (It’s not entirely good.)

Music for Nine-Year-Olds

21 February 2007

In which I attempt to make a mix CD for a 9-year-old girl.

Writing for Money: The New Way and the Old

20 February 2007

In which I have earned as much from writing as from making boxes over the past week.

Liam Mackenzie!

19 February 2007

In which Mac and Pam welcome a son into the world.

Hello, Mr. Sunshine

18 February 2007

In which I enjoy a brief appearance by my friend, the sun.

Tales of the Chicken, Video Edition

15 February 2007

In which I share video of our feral chicken.

Chet: The Secret Recipe

13 February 2007

In which I share Mike and Wendy’s secret recipe for Chet, a salt-based seasoning.

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