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Tales of the Chicken, Video Edition

Our feral chicken cracks me up. Every morning when I go out to feed it, it comes flapping down from the cherry tree. Somehow it’s finding its way off the ground at night to roost. When I call chick chick chick it launches itself into the air and sort of half-plummets to the ground.

I borrowed Jenn’s video camera for the past couple weeks in the hope that I could get some typical Chicken behavior on film. Chicken didn’t co-operate. Instead of charging at me when I call it, as it usually does, it hung back and watched me taping it. It’s just coincidence, I know, but it was almost as if the bird were camera shy.

Still, I pieced together 2-1/2 minutes of Chicken footage for you fans:

You’ll notice that Princess has become a little ornery. She used to ignore Chicken, and Chicken ignored her. But now Princess thinks Chicken is a fun toy. Chicken longs for the days when she could eat peacefully with the kittens.

(Have I mentioned Princess before? She appeared last fall, and has made this place her home.)

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  1. That’s a pretty nice looking chicken and a BIG cat. Or is the chicken just small? Maybe if someone else wielded the camera, the chicken would act in a more usual manner.