It’s chilly outside, but clear. The wind is blowing. My hands are cold.

I walk to the garage to find my old copy of Photoshop Elements — I’m giving it to Amy Jo so that she can cast aside iPhoto for something more useful. She’s re-vitalized From a Corner Table, her foodblog (and more!), and is looking for a good way to post images.

The garage is cold. I find the CD, and then get distracted by a couple of books. I’m startled by a kuh-whump behind me and turn to find that Simon is on the hood of Kris’ car. Simon loves to be with people in the outbuildings. He trills at me and I pet him. His fur is warm.

“You’ve been outside in the sun, haven’t you buddy?” I say. He butts his head against my palm for more petting.

He follows me out of the garage, and I lock up. As I do, I turn my back to the sun and find myself sinking, sinking, sinking into its warmth. It’s delicious. I’m standing in the lee of the building so that the air is still, and all I can feel is the sunlight all around me. It’s been so long. I’d forgotten how wonderful this warmth can be. November, December, January, February — all so cold and bleak. But now we’re just ten days from meteorological spring, and the sun is sending advance promises that yes, it will soon be here.

I come inside to find Kris sitting on a bench, her back resting against the bay window, typing about food. (Kris needs her own blog, don’t you think?) Meatball is at her feet, also in the sun. And next to him is Toto, whose black fur is like a sunlight battery, absorbing the stuff for later use. It’s wonderful.

Kris and I spent a couple of hours in the yard yesterday. On Friday, John Gingerich stopped by to show us how to prune our fruit trees, and to give us advice on other plant-related matters. Yesterday we put some of this advice into practice.

I did a wide variety of garden-related chores.

  • I taked the fruit trees, tying them up in an effort to help them grow upright.
  • I cut the all the ferns back to the ground (a massive undertaking).
  • I covered the laurely stump in black plastic (and leaves) in an effort to impede its desire to re-grow. I can’t take the damn thing out because it’s too close to the sidewalk.
  • I raked leaves from the vegetable plot, worked a small patch of soil, and planted peas.
  • I tied up some berry canes.

There’s still more to be done, of course — there’s always more to be done — but this is a good start on the season. I need to get the boxwood pruned in the next couple weeks if I’m going to do that at all this year.

We did our yardwork yesterday because it was supposed to be warm. It rained. It was supposed to rain today. It’s overcast with sunbreaks. Go figure.

2 Replies to “Hello, Mr. Sunshine”

  1. John says:

    Kris needs her own blog, don’t you think?

    “Mutterings From The Missus”? (ducking, running, and hiding)

  2. Lisa says:

    Where did the picture of Kris go? I liked it.

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