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1979 Jerry Pournelle Interview on the Future of Computers

31 December 2007

David H. must have had a lot of free time lately. He’s dug up a lot of good stuff. Though some of this is destined for GRS or GFS, here’s one video that doesn’t have a good home besides foldedspace. In this clip from 1979, talk show host Tom Snyder speaks with scientist Durk Pearson […]

Listening Man

29 December 2007

One of my favorite things about the end of the year are the “best of” lists that come out. I don’t have the time or the inclination to pay attention to pop music, movies, and videogames anymore. I especially don’t have time to wade through the 90% of this stuff that’s just crap. With music, […]

Best Clam Chowder Ever (Updated Edition)

27 December 2007

Winter — ’tis the season to make clam chowder. I continue to hone my clam chowder recipe, which I originally shared almost five years ago. This chowder originated as a recipe shared in Bon Appétit magazine, but I’ve adapted it enough that I feel content calling it my own. I’ve probably made this chowder 25 […]

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

25 December 2007

Every few years, Jeremy and Jennifer hold a Christmas party with lots of food, wine, and song. Tiffany says the singing is unusual, and maybe it is. I remember lots of singing at the gatherings I went to as a kid, but a lot of those were Mennonite events too. Music is an important part […]

Here Are Some Facts About Santa

23 December 2007

Eight or nine years ago, Kris and I took a Saturday around Christmas to drive all over creation playing Santa, delivering goodies to our friends. We’ve harbored fond memories of that trip, but never made the time to repeat it until now. On Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Claus boarded the sleigh — Mrs. Claus’ sleigh […]

Just a Joke

21 December 2007

Wow. I never thought the dead baby jokes would hit such a sore spot. I grew up listening to these, and so I just assumed everyone else had too. And like anything a person grows up with, I’m inured to the literal meaning of the stories and have learned to take them for what they […]

Dead Baby Jokes

20 December 2007

On a whim, we met Celeste & Nicki and Rhonda & Mike for dinner at Gino’s last night. It was a damn fine meal with damn fine friends. Gino’s can be hit-or-miss, and last night was definitely “hit”. The food was hot, the portions were enormous, and the conversation was hilarious. The highlight of the […]

It Must Have Been Something I Ate

16 December 2007

Busy busy busy. We are busy. Yesterday morning, book group met to discuss The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert. This is not a good book. Gilbert has a strong, confident style, but she’s just a little too glib. Some might consider her twee. Worse, her subject is not worthy of a book-length exploration. In […]

Subscriber Counts for All My Sites (Dec 2007)

14 December 2007

In February, I posted subscriber counts for all the sites I run. At that time, my most-read site had 6784 regular readers. Today that numbers is over 40,000. While I’m pleased with this, it also gives me a severe case of stage-fright. It’s one thing to be writing for a few hundred people, but to […]

The Devil in the Dark

13 December 2007

When I was a boy, I loved Star Trek. For nearly twenty years, Portland’s KPTV (channel 12) broadcast the series at 4pm every Sunday afternoon. We didn’t have a television for much of my childhood, but most of my friends did. Whenever possible, I would watch Star Trek. When the series was released on DVD […]

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