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It’s a Wonderful Life

26 December 2002

In which we spend a relaxing Christmas with family and friends. In which we see Gangs of New York.

Peter Jackson’s Helm’s Deep

20 December 2002

In which I think Peter Jackson’s Helm’s Deep is overrated.


19 December 2002

In which I long to return to church, not to worship a god, but to spend time with family and friends.

Rick Berman Sucks

13 December 2002

In which I complain about Star Trek.

Canon LiDE 30

08 December 2002

In which I purchase a new scanner and use it to import some favorite photos.

Best Gingerbread Cookies Ever

03 December 2002

In which I share Jenn’s recipe for the best gingerbread cookies ever.


27 November 2002

In which my spiritual journey leads me to become an atheist.


26 November 2002

In which I continue the history of my spiritual journey. In which I the beliefs of my childhood are challenged by higher education.


25 November 2002

In which I describe the origin of my spiritual beliefs.

Chamber of Secrets Photos

20 November 2002

In which a group of us dresses in costume to see the premier of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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