Stupid is as Stupid Does

10 November 2002

In which I do a very stupid thing and play soccer on my injured knee.

The Mummy Returns

07 November 2002

In which The Mummy Returns is so bad it’s awful.

In which I hurt my knee playing soccer and have to come out of the game. In which I marvel at the power of wireless internet.

Life of Pi

04 November 2002 · 2 comments

In which I am enamored with The Life of Pi, which I am midway through.

The Lee Shore

01 November 2002

In which I share a fantastic passage from Moby Dick.

Halloween Humbug

31 October 2002

In which I frown upon costumes. In which I share the story of The Velvet Ribbon.

Friday Grab Bag

25 October 2002

In which I share some random thoughts.


21 October 2002

In which I share a piece of writing from college: knock knock so i let you in you wet you drip dripping shiver from the rain…

Fall Thoughts

19 October 2002

In which I soak in the tub, buy a ham from Voget Meats, edit a video for the soccer team, and browse at Powell’s Books.

Best Salsa Ever

11 September 2002

In which Kris and I make a delicious salsa that’s also easy to prepare!