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Better Living Through Wireless

I was beginning to believe I’d be able to make it through the rest of the soccer season without another injury. Last week I felt 100% for the first time all season, and this past Sunday was going well, too.


Until about fifteen minutes into the second half.

FC Saints had played well, managing to hold a 1-1 tie with one of the toughest teams in the league. A striker came blazing down the left side of the field but Brice managed to kick the ball from him, sending it toward our end line. I darted out from the net and booted the ball back upfield, but my momentum carried me to the side. I planted my foot to stop and pain. My knee went *crunch* and I dropped to the ground.


There is some minor swelling in the knee, and it’s moderately painful. It’s very painful when I try to walk up or down steps and when I try to pivot. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation: these are my friends. Perhaps if I take it easy, the knee will have improved enough that I can play in the game vs. Reed on Sunday, the game I’ve been looking forward to for seven weeks.

How’s the novel coming along?

It isn’t.

I have the plot mapped in my head but I have exactly zero words written.

Better living through wireless:

  • Thursday, Kris and I went to see Spirited Away but we couldn’t find the Fox Tower theater. Also, we realized that we needed to send e-mail to Aimee. We had the iBook with us so we drove around until we found a wireless node (it didn’t take much driving) and we sent the email and we googled the theater’s address. Awesome!
  • I loaned my PC laptop to Joel, forgetting to update my fantasy football league before doing so. (The fantasy football league’s software is currently only installed on the laptop.) Sunday morning, before the soccer game, I unborrowed the laptop from Joel and drove around until I found another wireless node, and then I ftped the league database and uploaded this week’s lineups to the web site. Awesome!

Dave, in true lawyer fashion challenged me on “leeching” wireless bandwidth:

Do you know that you were using a public node? If not, don’t you think that you’re trespassing by using someone else’s property/equipment/bandwidth? After all, if I left my front door unlocked does that make it right to wander into my house and plug your computer into my switch and start surfing the net?

Food for thought, yes — and we exchanged several long emails on this topic — but not enough to make me believe that use of a publicly accessible wireless node is a Bad Thing.

Kris and I rewatched Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone. It’s better than I remember it, though the ending is still too noisy and spastic.


On 05 November 2002 (09:51 AM),
mac said:

hope your knee feels better. Knees are tough to heal in my experience. Minor injuries to ligaments take long periods of time due to a lack of blood supply. Hopefully this is not the case for you and you’ll be ready to go against the “–ther —-ers” from Reed.

I don’t know if I’d like someone using my wireless access for their own personal use especially if they could access my computer files.

On 04 December 2002 (11:37 PM),
Ron Roth said:

To get to the Fox Tower Theater take I-5 to I-405, take the 6th street exit and get in the left lane and stay in it until you have to turn left. After turning left, the Fox Tower is the entire 2nd block on the right. It sits between Broadway and Park and the theater entrance is on the Park Street side of the building.

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