As promised, here are photographs of our costumes for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We were not the only ones in costumes. One group of teenaged girls were dressed as Gryffindors. Two rebels came as hobbits, bare hairy feet at all. I’d imagine that even more people came to the earlier shows in costume.

[Note: Again, these photos are very dark on certain monitors, but look great on my PC at home and on my iBook. I’m going to have to determine what is causing this problem.]

Aimee Rose as a Cornish pixie and Joel Alexander as a surly garden gnome

Jeremy and Jennifer as the Duke and Duchess of Hubbard, one of Hogwarts’ “living” paintings

Pamela as a house elf, Mackenzie as Professor Quirrell

Kris as “Hermione transformed into a cat after drinking the polyjuice potion”, J.D. as Uncle Vernon Dursley (note moustache)

James (?) as a Weasley, Clotilde as Hedwig the owl

Joel and Jeremy, further on the road to lung cancer

Maybe we can all dress in costume for The Two Towers. I’d love to see Joel go as Gollum. I’d have to be Gandalf the Wise, of course.


On 20 November 2002 (09:26 AM),
jeff said:

Your comments section could use some kind of seperator between posts. They all kind of run together if the poster’s name is not clickable.

On 20 November 2002 (10:00 AM),
Dana said:

I think you’d be more suited to a Hobbit than Gandalf… 🙂

The reason the pictures look dark on some displays continues to be the reason I pointed you at earlier. Here’s another discussion here, at “Why Do Images Appear Darker on Some Displays?“. Of course, I doubt think you’ll pay attention this time, either 🙂

On 20 November 2002 (10:06 AM),
J.D. said:

Done, Jeff.

And, Dana, I did look at the info you posted last time. It didn’t help!

On 20 November 2002 (10:40 AM),
Dana said:

Try here, then. The problem isn’t with your pictures, it’s with the machine displaying them…

On 20 November 2002 (10:42 AM),
Strongbad said:

The Cheat wanted me to tell you that your costume is really crappy. I mean, who are you supposed to be? You look like the freakin’ guy from the Woodwright’s Shop on PBS! A really awesome costume would have been one with a cool mask, and maybe some boxing gloves, and then…

On 26 November 2002 (10:40 AM),
mart said:

how f*cking cool are you JD?!?? strongbad reads yr blogs and comments too?!?! damn that’s cool. strongbad rules!

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