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2009 Mini Cooper S Convertible

25 December 2008

Why do I torture myself. I’ve spent the evening watching YouTube videos of the 2009 Mini Coopers. Videos like this: Boring? I think not. Expensive is more like it. Every time I let myself get into a Mini Cooper reverie, I come close to buying one. Make no mistake: my next car will be a […]

Christmas 1950

24 December 2008

At Get Rich Slowly, I often share old videos. If I ever get Vintage Pop off the ground, I’ll share many there, as well. Here’s a nice one about Christmas from 1950: Merry Christmas, everyone. Be safe.

More Winter

23 December 2008

Are you tired of the winter photos yet? We Oregonians aren’t. Well, we’re tired of being house-bound, perhaps, but not tired of the snow. (According to today’s Oregonian, this is the most snow we’ve had in a winter since 1968-1969, which was just before I was born.) First up, a comparison of a photo from […]

Snow Squirrel

22 December 2008

Here’s our Walnut, one of our squirrels. He’s hungry, cold, and none too happy that I continue to bother him with the camera. Our current snowfall totals: six inches on the ground, half an inch of ice, and then another eight inches. The snow continues to fall. The forecasters expect it to stop soon, though, […]

Winter Wonderland

21 December 2008

It snowed all day yesterday. When we walked over to Paul and Amy Jo’s at about 10am, there was maybe an inch of accumulation, all powdery. The snowfall never got heavy, and the snowflakes never got big. But it snowed all day, so that by nightfall there were about six inches on the ground. But […]

Lactose Intolerant: The Pros and Cons of Cereal Milk

20 December 2008

Warning: This story is funny, but it’s a little gross. You’ve been warned. Yesterday, Kris and I went to Big Lots! for the first time. A neighbor had told us they had cheap bird seed, and we wanted to stock up. While there, I picked up a box of “Tooty Fruities” breakfast cereal for seventy-five […]

Au Revoir, les Enfants

19 December 2008

Kris and I have seen a lot of fine films together. Slowly over the course of our lives, we’ve been picking our way through various lists of great movies. (One of my goals is to see every film ever nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.) On Wednesday, we watched Sunrise, a long film from 1927, […]

They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!

14 December 2008

Apparently this is not new, but it’s new to me!

A Do-Nothing Day?

09 December 2008

I’ve complained a lot lately about how busy I am. “I’m a workaholic,” I told Mac yesterday. “No,” he said. “You’re a stressaholic.” Ouch. I want to believe he’s wrong but, well, there’s evidence that he’s right. I can’t say no to anyone who wants my time. I take on far more than I can […]

Peanut Battle HD

07 December 2008

Remember my photographs of the famous Rosings Park Peanut Battle? This is actually an ongoing war, one which has been waged almost daily for the past four years. Thanks to new technology, I’m pleased to be able to bring you close-up footage of the action: I realize that some of you may find this video […]

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