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African Vacation 2011, Part Seven: The Amazing Race

26 February 2011

Even after several days in Cape Town, our vacation wasn’t over. Kris and I could look forward to 36 hours of travel before we were snug in our beds in Portland. Maybe more. And since I had a hare-brained scheme to make the Portland auditions for The Amazing Race on Saturday morning, we were eager […]

African Vacation 2011, Part Six: Cape Town

24 February 2011

After two weeks exploring Botswana, Zimbabwe, and the northern part of South Africa, we turned our attention to the southern-most tip of the African continent. We flew from Kruger National Park to Cape Town, where we spent our final few days exploring life at the end of the world. Note: The text and photos are […]

African Vacation 2011, Part Five: Kruger National Park

18 February 2011

The middle of our trip to Africa was spent looking at wildlife. We moved from Zimbabwe to Kruger National Park in South Africa, where we enjoyed two full days driving the preserve, spotting a huge variety of birds and animals. Humans have been roaming the area around Kruger National Park for about 250,000 years, and […]

African Vacation 2011, Part Four: Victoria Falls

15 February 2011

Note: If you read my personal finance blog, you will already have read bits and pieces of today’s recap. After a day in Johannesburg and a couple of days at Chobe National Park (plus several days of travel), we packed up and moved east out of Botswana to Zimbabwe. Our next stop was Victoria Falls, […]

African Vacation 2011, Part Three: Chobe National Park

12 February 2011

After less than 48 hours in Johannesburg, we packed our bags for another flight — this time to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where the airport is even smaller than the one in Belize (though not nearly as quaint). The Victoria Falls airport — all of it “Welcome to real Africa,” said Francis, our local guide, as […]

African Vacation 2011, Part Two: Johannesburg

10 February 2011

After three weeks in Africa, Kris and I have returned for the cozy confines of Rosings Park. There was one less cat to greet us this time — which makes me very sad — but it’s good to be home just the same. We had a great time on our trip, and I took many […]

African Vacation 2011, Part One: Packing for Africa

08 February 2011

Hello, friends! We’re not in Africa yet, but we soon will be. We flew to Washington, D.C., on Monday morning, and here we sit with a 24-hour layover before the flight to Johannesburg. Last night, we joined Todd Landis (an old college classmate who now lives in D.C.) for dinner at Georgia Brown’s, which bills […]

Toto – Africa

06 February 2011

I’ve had a rough 48 hours. Toto’s death has affected me more than you can probably guess. I knew it would. That cat was like a piece of me, and I feel her absence acutely. It hurts. “It always amazes me how emotional you are,” Kris told me last night at dinner. “You’re so much […]

Toto Gates: 01 May 1994 – 05 February 2011

05 February 2011

On 01 May 1994, Colors — the Custom Box Service shop cat — gave birth to a litter of kittens. I found them tucked in a corner of the paint room when they were just a few hours old. Because Colors seemed to consider me her “boyfriend”, she allowed me to touch the tiny, fragile […]

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