“There are some cats that just won’t stop.” — Kris, about Nemo the spazzkitten

The cat situation remains unaltered. Three cats are much more work than two cats.

To summarize: Simon loves Nemo, and thinks of him as a little brother, or a personal chew-toy. Nemo loves Simon and thinks of him as a big brother, or a big fluffy tackling dummy. They play together often. They’ve even begun to sleep together. A little bit. Until Simon notices Nemo is in his space and leaves.

Toto hates them both. Toto hates everyone. Except me.

At seemingly random moments, Toto will begin to growl at one, or both, of her brothers, and may even get up and stalk the evil intruder from room to room. When she stalks Nemo, Nemo mostly ignores her. When she stalks Simon, Simon gets a thrill from it, and in turn tries to provoke her into a fight.

Nemo likes to sleep on the bed with us. Unfortunately, Toto likes to sleep on the bed with us, too, and that’s always been her spot. Her growling and hissing prevents us from getting good sleep, so we often shut her in the back room.

Nemo’s great. He’s affectionate, playful, and smart. He’s the heart of the family.

Simon’s fat.

Toto’s a bitch.

I love all three of them.


On 04 November 2003 (08:18 AM),
Tiffany said:

Since you are sharing cat stories�last night Gaz (the kitten) spent 3 hours fetching mouse toys. You might think no cat will fetch for 3 hours, but it is true. Normally, the fetching does not last that long because three of the four cats fetch and run over each other. This distracts them and they end up chasing each other instead of the toys. This time the other three cats were sleeping on the bed, so, Gaz had me all to herself.

On 04 November 2003 (08:56 AM),
Lynn said:

Tabby has arthritis in one of her knees, therefore, she does not involve herself in any play activities that require more than upper body movement. When it gets cold like this, ole arthur rears his ugly head. She prefers to cuddle up on a heating pad or sleep an 18 hour marathon on the flannel sheets.

On 04 November 2003 (11:39 AM),
Tammy said:

Bang Bang!

Oops methinks poor kitty dead!

On 04 November 2003 (05:50 PM),
Mom (Sue) said:

Toto likes me, too — except if I try to pet her while she’s eating. -G-

Silver just ran out into the cold. Pretty soon he’ll be jumping up on the back door and hanging by his claws, looking in, letting me know he wants back in the house. On these cold nights, both he and Chester have climbed up on me early as I’ve been reclining in my recliner, reading, and have curled up cozily until I have moved them out of the way while I got up and got ready for bed. It’s neat the way they get along as they both lay on top of me (although they don’t get along so well when I’m getting them their cat food) — so different than Kraft used to be with Chester, and that’s the only thing I don’t miss about him: his attacking Chester in the evenings while Chester was reclining on my lap. Stevie is happy to stay inside all day and sometimes jumps up on my computer desk or onto my lap while I’m in the recliner. She stays pretty aloof from the other two, though, and won’t get near my lap if another cat is on it.

To me, there’s nothing that feels quite as cozy as a cat or cats on you. And I love all three of mine, too! đŸ™‚

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