A Job in Search of a Man

by J.D. Roth

I entered the weekend with an enormous list of chores, some from Kris, some self-assigned. We’re hosting a family reunion next weekend, which means extra cleaning on top of the normal routine. Among other things, I wanted to:

I also needed to spend some time working on my computer projects. I wanted to:

And how much of this did I actually accomplish? Zero. Nada. Nothing.

That’s not to say I wasn’t productive. I worked hard. But I worked hard building horseshoe pits. Yes, you read that correctly. I installed two lanes — four pits. I scraped earth, poured sand, leveled paving stones, built pit frames, pounded in stakes, and so on. I spent many hours creating horseshoe pits. They’re far from perfect, but I like them.

I only wish somebody else had done my real chores in the meantime…

Updated: 03 July 2006

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