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A Visit to Santa (1963)

While browsing the Internet Archive the other day, I came across a 12-minute film called A Visit to Santa. Usually, I love these old films (Kris and I spent a week this past summer digging through the good ones), but this? This is an abomination. See for yourself:

Are you in the Christmas spirit now, kids? Then sing it together: “Let’s give thanks to the Lord above ’cause Santa Claus comes tonight!”

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  1. You know how some things are “so bad they’re good”? Well this video is so bad it’s amazing!

    I was trying to guess what decade it was made in (which is often hard to do with these ultra-low-budget affairs). On the one hand, they make casual mention of helicopters. And on the other hand, it apparently takes place only “hundreds of years” after the birth of Christ.