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An Unpleasant Surprise

How lovely. I just got to work. Imagine my delight to discover that unwelcome visitors have once again set up housekeeping beneath my office. Yes, it’s true — the skunks are back.

Jeff just walked into my office to discover the smell. “Oh — that’s nice,” he said.

If I were blogging full-time from home, I wouldn’t have to sit in a skunky office!

I just hope this is temporary. I don’t want to have crawl under the trailer again to retrieve a skunk corpse…

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  1. Not having much experience with such visitors I’m curious whether they develop slow leaks, or perhaps fire off in response to stimuli (phone ring, door slam, belly laugh, dropped stapler, etc.).

    I’ve seen plenty of non-stinky skunks that seem to have self control — so perhaps they purposely mark dens that they don’t want to share with other animals (and people).

  2. Hmmm, I didn’t notice any smell when I worked at the shop last night. Maybe they are spraying in the morning out of protest at having their nocturnal habits interfered with?

    I can just see this, too, when we try to replace you: One of the job requirements might have to read, “Ability to tolerate skunk odor in office.” Or perhaps that will be one of those little employment facts that will be better off kept to ourselves. (Surely, we have enough positives and perks to offer to offset that small matter.) 😉

  3. I want to add that every time you talk about leaving, I get cold chills, because I know how hard it will be to fill your shoes — and it’s not just because of your skunk-removing abilities that I say that. 🙂