Although I know you readers like the current format of this blog, it’s just not working for me. The Moveable Type engine behind the scenes is archaic. It’s frustrating to work with. The database is basically dead, drowned beneath a sea of spam. This site is no fun to maintain in its current state.

What am I trying to say? I really am going to move this blog back to WordPress. I made an aborted attempt at this last fall, but this time it’s for real. I’ll see what I can do to maintain the look-and-feel that we’ve all grown to love, but there are certainly going to be some changes. It’s very likely, for example, that the flotch will have to die (sorry, Paul!). I don’t know of any way to replicate the current flotch format in WordPress. (Actually, the new blog may become mostly flotch. Who knows? It’ll probably be a category.)

Also, I’ll be moving to a “multiple posts per page” format. Again, I know you all like to read the comments on the main page without clicking through, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to exercise that mouse finger. I want to be able to have multiple entries on the front page, which is far and away the standard blog format nowadays.

I don’t have a timeline for this change. I want to say “soon”, but in reality it may be the beginning of August before it occurs. Meanwhile, posting around here may be sporadic. I can’t get the damn blog to work half the time, and that frustrates me.

If you have any requests or suggestions as I prepare for this transition, please let me know.

9 Replies to “Back to the Future”

  1. Will says:

    Didn’t MT just go opensource?
    As to your flotch situation, I think you could do it as a “side blog” in WP if you wanted. Their widget system is fairly cool now.

  2. jenefer says:

    I guess I’ll have to learn something new. Be prepared for questions. Are you going to post pictures and diary from Europe or wait until you get home like last time?

  3. Joel says:

    Change is bad! What about we foldedspace parasites?

  4. Anil says:

    Hey JD, I work with the MT team, and I’m sorry you’re having such a bad experience. I’d love to have us work with you to fix whatever’s wrong with your install.

    If you’re game, drop me a line (or IM me at anildash) and I’ll get you set up. It sounds like all the issues you’re having are definitely fixable.

  5. J.D. says:

    My thanks to Anil Dash, one of the folks behind Movable Type. He’s taking the time to help unscramble this mess. If all goes well, things will stay the same after all. Then we’ll all be happy. 🙂

  6. J.D. says:

    Heh. I guess you know that, though, since he left a comment before I did!

  7. Lisa says:

    Ah, J.D.! You have friends in high places–I can think of nothing better than having a true expert help with your install. Good luck defeating the spammers.

  8. Kerstin Doe says:

    I have just sort of ‘discovered’ you while looking for interesting articles on finance/advice on how to save money. Thought I would just drop a note of encouragement (all my friends and loved ones are truly sick of my new-found interest in matters of money) and say thankyou. I especially like the articles on your site. I will continue to be an avid reader, just keep writing!!


  9. GregB says:

    If you do decide to move, you might want to consider Nucleus ( Personally, I find it more flexible than Word Press and people update plugins regularly, such as those required to defeat spammers.

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