Bathroom Remodel: During

by J.D. Roth

We’re one week (of a scheduled three) into our bathroom remodel. Though the phrase “behind schedule” hasn’t officially been used, I think it may be appropiate. Our contractor, Dale, whom we like, doesn’t seem worried, though, which is good.

Only the demolition has been completed. Electrical work is scheduled to begin today, and I believe it will take a couple days to move the electrical panel and reroute the conduit. “Once the electrical work is finished,” says Dale, “the rest the of the project will come together quickly.”

The cats would be delighted if the project came together slowly. They’re pleased with the hole in the wall that gives them free access to the forbidden cellar. What fun!

Kris and I spent an hour on Saturday at the Contractor Furnishing Mart, arguing over the colors for the wall and the floor. The granite countertop is set in stone; the rest of the room must be built around it. Kris has selected a split-pea green for the walls, but I’m not too fond of the color. “Who has better taste — you or me?” she asks. “Trust me.” The clawfoot tub too will be painted split-pea green. I’ve already forgotten which color we chose for the floor. (I wanted a sort of burnt red that picked up flecks of color from the countertop. “Too dark,” Kris told me. “Not if we use another color for the walls,” I said. I really don’t like the split-pea green for the walls, but I’m trusting Kris. I keep repeating my mantra: “Kris Gates is always right. Kris Gates is always right.”)

Kris is taking a day off today to paint the bathtub. It’s a cast-iron behemoth currently packed in a crate in the garage. (I forgot to take a “before photo”.) When we toured Mac and Pam’s new place on Saturday, we were impressed by their huge tub. “Climb in,” Kris told me. “I think it’s about the same size as our new tub.” I climbed in. “Look how you can lay flat,” she said. “You’re going to love this.”

I’m going to love this.

Meanwhile, however, we continue to use our friends’ showers. Sometimes in the morning, we sponge bath on the back porch.


On 12 July 2005 (07:51 AM),
Jethro said:

You don’t need no new-fangled bathroom; not in an old house like that. Just git yourselves one of these old-fashioned beauties and you’ll be set. Then you just flip a coin to see who gets the fresh bath water…

On 12 July 2005 (08:06 AM),
Tiffany said:

Love the photos. The bathroom looks huge with everything out of it! I know it is deceiving. If you are sponge bathing on the back porch, I hope you did not trim the back bushes too much.

On 12 July 2005 (09:43 AM),
Dave said:

It’s always interesting looking at the underlying structure of (someone elses’) house. Given the different directions of the floorboards and the different style of wall construction, was the back half of the bathroom added after the fact?

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