We’re back from the annual MNF Bend Trip (2003 edition). Perhaps not as fun as last year, but quite good. I’m not up to a full report, but some highlights included:

  • meeting Eila and Sam for Indian food on Saturday afternoon,
  • playing a L-O-N-G game of Carcassonne with Jeremy and Jennifer (and Joel), and listening to them bicker,
  • playing nine-ball with Jeff and Sabino while listening to Kris play Carcassonne with Jeremy and Jennifer, and listening to them bicker,
  • my haircut at the Metropolitan barbershop (an annual event), performed by Jerry Servo, the man who cut my hair when I was a kid,
  • playing the Game of Life with Steph, Julie, Ron, and Kim, just like when we were kids,
  • teaching the group to play Wizard, which they took to immediately,
  • some damn fine flank steak from Jeremy for dinner Sunday night (I only wish there’d been more!),
  • and lots of general relaxation with good friends.

Kris and I look forward to this trip every year; we don’t have a lot in common with this group anymore (except with Jeremy and Jennifer), but we have a shared history that counts for an awful lot.

We get to plan the trip next year, and though I’ve been saying that I want us to go to Black Butte instead of Sunriver (in order to save an hour of travel time each way), the house we stayed in this year was quite nice. Assuming that the same fourteen people return next year (and I hope that’s exactly what happens), this house would probably be a good choice. (As long as we hide the war movies from Jeremy before he gets there!)


On 29 April 2003 (05:10 AM),
Susie said:

I have mixed feelings on the subject of religion and whether it is harmful to individuals and communities. I used to believe wholeheartedly that this was the case, but recently began to question it. While I don�t want to confuse the notion of organised religion with faith, I do believe that there are benefits to the community when individuals behave in a God-fearing way. Over the past 20+ years church attendance (being representative of levels of faith) has diminished along with respect for authority and parental responsibility. The corresponding increase in crime and antisocial behaviour during this time is likely to result from all three factors and more; however, I can�t help but think that a major cause could be a lack of awareness/fear of the consequences of such actions. Naturally the criminal justice system plays a large part in this, but surely a more prevalent fear of the hereafter would temper many individuals� actions. Obviously there are many exceptions to this rule (religious criminals being an obvious example); I was thinking more of the general effects on society. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

On 29 April 2003 (05:19 AM),
another J.D. said:

Sniff. I miss Central Oregon (home). Mentioning Sunriver and Black Butte in the same breath and I can almost smell the pine trees and see the sun slanting through them. I carry Black Butte with me on my head–I have a Black Butte Porter hat that has the logo on the front. You can see Black Butte from my parents deck (notice I say my parents deck, the house I grew up in, and not MY house like I would have 10+ years ago).

You might want to take a look at renting a cabin in Camp Sherman. It’s beautiful but not as manicured as a Sunriver or Black Butte. You should at least go through and look at the huge fish below the bridge for me next time you pass through.

Indian food in Bend?! My times have changed. That used to mean frybread and smoked salmon not curry!

J.D. I pack like you (night). I’m sorry for both of us.

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