Poor Kris.

She hasn’t been sleeping well lately, probably because of the heat. This morning she nudged me awake: “You’re going have to get ready for work on your own. I’m exhausted. I’ve got to sleep more.” I got up. She stayed in bed.

Almost immediately a flock of jays gathered in the yard for an important 5:30 a.m. conference. They squawked and screeched and scolded, their voices raised together in a cacophonous chorus that nobody could sleep through.

Then I heard my alarm go off. Kris hates when I forget to turn off my alarm while she’s still in bed. I cringed, knowing that she was cursing me as she fumbled to stop the noise.

The jays took a seed break and all was quiet for a while. However, they soon returned to look after unfinished business. They yelled and screamed some more. This time they were joined by a pair of cranky crows, who cawed their support for one jay plan or another.

Kris came downstairs before I left. She wasn’t happy. I tried to strike up a conversation. “When did the cats come in?” I asked.

“At 4:30,” she said. “Nemo started yowling and yowling. He was hungry.” Both of the boys have been boycotting the house since I brought the kittens home the other night. They’re refusing even to come in to eat — a hunger strike in protest of the interlopers. (The kittens are all now back at the shop, by the way.)

Poor Kris.

6 Replies to “Blue Jay Riot”

  1. valerie says:

    Hi JD I tried to leave this at the roth site but for some reason it wouldn’t let me (maybe because of the security stuff veas has on here. Anyhow Veas and I plan to be there the 8th. Just us two the children won’t be coming. Lookin forward to seein everybody again I hope more are coming then you mentioned! Light a fire under ’em!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Ooooh. I’ve spent too much time fantasizing about ways to permanently destroy early morning blue jays. Fortunately, it wasn’t at our current house, but they’re AWFUL. My sympathies to Kris.

  3. mrs darling says:

    When we were camping this past weekend it was the crows that woke us up. I like to have wrung their black little necks!

  4. Mom says:

    Well, actually, one of the kittens, who I have named Pippa, is here at my house. She is settling in well. Silver was pouting much of the day and in my closet, where he likes to hide, over her mewing upstairs in her new temporary home in my dog crate but he has gotten over it now. I hope to gradually bring her into more contact with him and Stevie (who hissed at her when they got somewhat near to each other this morning) but I’m not rushing it because Pippa is so small! Your big babies will probably recover soon. 😉

  5. Andrea says:

    That heat was outrageous. Why Portland doesn’t have air conditioners is beyond me. It’s a desert out there! 😉 I can definitely sympathize for kris. I hope it cools down there soon!

  6. J.D. says:

    Kris is trying to sleep in again, but the crows are going berserk…

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