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Cat vs. Kid: The Showdown

In light of my recent controversial complaints about children, and the subsequent video I shared of my cats, this short piece perfectly encapsulates the foldedspace pecking order:

Jeff’s reponse upon seeing this was, “Poor kid,” to which I replied, “Poor kid nothing. He got what he deserved.” (And what about those parents? They deserve to be keelhauled.)

Ah, there’s more where that came from. How about an angry sheep:

Or a less angry (but still violent) sheep:

For Nicole, here’s a brave, brave bunny:

And, finally, for Lynn — an animal “bred for its skills in magic“:

Have I mentioned that I love YouTube?

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  1. Only my favorite animal ever. Actually, I think that Liger’s a little scary. There are some things with which we ought not mess.