I can only justify this entry by reminding you that after Steve Irwin’s death, I was touched and saddened.

Enough of that.

Today we have Crocodile Hunter jokes collected from around the internet. (Inspired by this AskMetafilter thread.) They’re all variations on a theme. If you think you might be offended by these, you should go look at kittens.

In a recent interview Steve Irwin was asked what his favorite TV program was. “Thunderbirds“, he replied, “But Stingray will always have a special place in my heart.”

Guess who’s singing at Steve Irwin’s funeral? Sting.

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo is now serving stingray. It’s Expensive, but Steve reckons “It’s to die for!”

Q: How many croc hunters does it take to capture a sting-ray?
A: Apparently more than one.

What were Steve Irwin’s favorite sunglasses? Ray Bans.

Did you hear that steve irwin died like he lived? With animals in his heart.

After Steve Irwin’s death we discovered Terri Irwin is pregnant. If it’s a boy, she’ll name him Ray — if it’s a girl, she’ll name her Barb!

How many respected biologists have been killed by stingrays? None.

Did you hear about Steve Irwin’s tombstone? It reads ‘Ray Sting Peace’.

What’s the difference between the Croc Hunter and Princess Di?
He brought his own camera crew.

And for the grand finale: Norm McDonald on The Daily Show.

Who knew Norm was so funny?

Okay, we can go back to being respectful now…

4 Replies to “Crocodile Hunter Jokes”

  1. Tony Young says:

    The Crocodile Hunter is a media whoring moron who deserved to get stung in the chest. The only think I regret is not having the damn thing taped so that we can watch it over and over again. And that pathetic little girl pleading for people to remember her daddy? Please. Go entertain the Australian Navy for candy, you little ho.
    Tony Young

  2. Ben May says:

    What does Steve Irwin and a Cocktail drink have in common? – They’re both Spiked.

    Steve Should have put more sunscreen on to protect him from the deadly rays.

    Poor Fellow- but they are some more jokes I’ve heard.

  3. Kate says:

    you are all such assholes jesus christ have a little fucking respect. fuckers.

  4. Jesseah says:

    Respectful: Those jokes were funny. the thing with the little girl and her daddy is sad though. your an asshole dude. jokes were pretty funny though…God hates you. i have a question. if we are all gods children, what makes jesus so special?

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