Dance Dance Devolution

by J.D. Roth

Well, after a summer of not using the Wii very much, Kris and I are back into it. We’ve both been doing our daily Wii Sports “fitness mode”. “I was 23 yesterday,” Kris just told me. For myself, my bowling skills have devolved, and I’ve been in the upper twenties and low thirties lately.

Speaking of devolution: At long last, I’ve actually played a Dance Dance Revolution game and understood it. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party was released for the Wii recently. Our copy arrived today. As soon as I got home, I plugged it in and we gave it a go.

We suck.

We have difficulty keeping time with the precision the game requires. And I can tell from the little avatars on the screen that I’d have better luck if I just loosend up and danced around to the beat, but I can’t stop trying to mash the little arrows with the footpad. I must say, though, that I do better than Kris does, which is a surprise. (Still, I think that’s a short-lived thing.)

DDR is some exercise, too. Put on a couple of consecutive fast dance songs, and you can work up quite a sweat!

I’m glad to have added this game to our arsenal, though. We don’t have any real party games, but this looks like it qualifies. And I hear Guitar Hero can be pretty fun, too. That comes out in a few weeks…

Meanwhile, I’ll try to find my rhythm…

Updated: 08 October 2007

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