Tony came back to the office after a meeting with the people at The Jerky Hut. He brought with him two types of jerky: Double Habanero and Chernobyl (as in nuclear-meltdown-hot).

Being the manly man that I am — I’m always eager to try the hottest foods, ordering Thai food extra hot, asking for my Indian food to be as hot as possible despite the indredulity of the server — I ripped open the bags and started chomping.

“Mmm. This is good,” I said. And it was. I chomped some more.

Then the pain began.

AAARRRGGHGHGHGHGHHGHGH!!!” I said. And it was. My lips were burning fire! My mouth a mass of pain! Nothing could be done to balm the wounds inflicted by this devilish beef by-product!

Can you guess how this story ends?

After the pain subsided, I ate some more.


I’m so predictable.

Where’s the Human Torch when I need him?

Only You Have the Power to Absorb All Heat!

Buy your own ultra-hot jerky. Yum.

The Gingeriches stopped by and chatted for a while. Harrison had a new stuffed shark, and he charged around the house shouting, “Shark charge! Shark charge!”


The $1124.97 that each couple lost in the investment club will translate into big-time tax savings. Just think: we paid $1125 in order to gain a $297 tax advantage.

Our best tax hedge? TQNT: we purchased eighteen shares at a total cost of $851.13 and sold them for a total of $181.64.

Not that I’m bitter or anything, but ABTL, the stock that I recommended buying at $1.42, is now a $2.77, down from a high of $4.25. We could have made some money there, but then I guess we wouldn’t have had any tax help, huh? If we’d put our $1430 in ABTL at the time I advocated, it’d be worth $2784 now. The SUNW that we bought instead is worth $337.

Our investment club disbanded last year, and I think our wives are all much happier for it.

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