Fat Lumberjack Slob: A Scene of Domestic Bliss

by J.D. Roth

Kris comes home from work. I leave my computer to go visit.

Kris: Tell me you didn’t wear that shirt today.

J.D.: I wore this shirt today.


J.D.: What’s wrong with this shirt?

Kris: You look like a fat lumberjack.


Kris: Untuck it. [I untuck it.] That’s no good. Now you look like a fat lumberjack slob. Did you run the dishwasher?

J.D.: Oops. [I go run the dishwasher.]

Kris: Don’t tell me you forgot.

J.D.: I forgot.


J.D.: Why are we running the dishwasher again, anyhow? We just ran it last night.

Kris: Yes, but you made a salad.


Kris: Did you get cat food?

J.D.: Oops.


J.D.: But I fed the cats!

Ah, married life is pretty hilarious sometimes. For the husband, anyhow. Of course, everything can be made right by a trip to Gino’s for clams. Yum!

Updated: 03 January 2008

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