We’re off!

Matt is safely ensconced as housesitter (soon to be relieved by Paul and Amy Jo), Get Rich Slowly has four weeks’ worth of posts scheduled (just in case I don’t feel like writing upon return), and everything is packed.

Upon the advice of many, I’ve put almost everything into a single carry-on sized suitcase (which I do plan to check, actually). The stuff I want for the plane ride is in a backpack with an extra set of clothes.

I’m bringing a minimum of gadgetry. That is to say, I’m probably taking more gadgets than you would take, but less than my natural instincts dictate. I have a digital camera. I have an iPod. And I have the small Mac laptop, which I haven’t really used since last November. (That’s when I got my large MacBook Pro — that beast isn’t travel-worthy.)

If I ever travel regularly, which I hope to do some day, this will be Too Much Stuff. But it’s a start. It’s much less than I took to San Francisco last fall.

If all goes well — and my blog software doesn’t hang — I’ll be making posts from the road. Video posts even!

Take care, my friends. See you in three weeks…

One Reply to “Fly Like an Eagle”

  1. Lisa says:

    Bon voyage! Looking forward to your posts, so that I can wallow in envy…

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