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Fly Like an Eagle

We’re off!

Matt is safely ensconced as housesitter (soon to be relieved by Paul and Amy Jo), Get Rich Slowly has four weeks’ worth of posts scheduled (just in case I don’t feel like writing upon return), and everything is packed.

Upon the advice of many, I’ve put almost everything into a single carry-on sized suitcase (which I do plan to check, actually). The stuff I want for the plane ride is in a backpack with an extra set of clothes.

I’m bringing a minimum of gadgetry. That is to say, I’m probably taking more gadgets than you would take, but less than my natural instincts dictate. I have a digital camera. I have an iPod. And I have the small Mac laptop, which I haven’t really used since last November. (That’s when I got my large MacBook Pro — that beast isn’t travel-worthy.)

If I ever travel regularly, which I hope to do some day, this will be Too Much Stuff. But it’s a start. It’s much less than I took to San Francisco last fall.

If all goes well — and my blog software doesn’t hang — I’ll be making posts from the road. Video posts even!

Take care, my friends. See you in three weeks…

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