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Help Me Name a Blog

I need your help.

Sometime in the future — though not for several months at the outside — I’m going to start a weblog about early American popular music. (Surprised? You shouldn’t be.)

I know that I want to call this weblog Happy Feet. It’s the name of an old song (mp3), and describes perfectly the vibe I’m hoping to achieve. However, all of the domains with any variation on “happy feet” or “happy foot” are already taken. What am I to do? Come to you for help!

Assuming that I still want to call this hypothetical site Happy Feet, then what domain ought I to register. Some possibilities include:

  • — I would probably then call the site “Happy Feets”, which would make my inner grammar Nazi wince
  • — an imperfect solution, but certainly viable
  • or something completely different, such as or

Please, devoted readers, help me to choose the best option. No idea is too dumb! Let me hear your toughts! (But not the “oh good lord why is J.D. starting another weblog?” thoughts.)

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  1. Part of the trick of choosing a URL is getting one that people can remember over time. (Yeah, I’m one to talk.) For that reason, I’d vote for happyfeetblog over happyfeets. If it were happyfeets, I’d just find myself remembering that there was some funny spelling but unable to remember the exact details. oldtimemusic is a nice one, though. Could you use the oldtimemusic domain and then call it Old Time Music: Happy Feet?

  2. Mark this point…

    I think this article was interest for you…

    [Yeah, that’s one of the hundred absurd spam comments that Akismet caught today.]

    Anyway, being a huge fan of bluegrass and traditional folk music, I’d be inclined to do the same and pay homage to some song or album. Have you thought of just using another title or artist who inspired your interest?

    Personally, I always thought Uncle Dave Macon’s Go Long Mule was a great title. Not sure why, it just sticks with you.

  3. Dammit, Lynn stole my idea!

    Um… toetallyhappyfeet? Damn, that sucked.

    happyfoots, along the Proudfoots / ProudFEET! vein? Yikes, that’s no better.

    Sorry, J.D., but I can be of no help to you on this one.