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Help Me Name Weblog #7

Okay. That’s it. This is the last straw. I’m starting yet-another weblog. I need help with a name, though. Kris thinks my ideas are dumb. So what’s good?

To be clear: this weblog will feature stories about animals, and especially about animal intelligence. Sure, I’ll post cute pictures of ducklings and videos of funny cats, but mostly I’m just going to post stories about animal intelligence.

If this weblog takes more than an hour a week, I’ll quit. Seriously. I intend to use it simply as a gathering place for all of the animal intelligence stories I find (and that are sent to me — you guys are great!).

My top name choice right now is “Animal Minds” (which would be hosted at My second choice is “Smile on a Dog”. If you think those names suck, then give me some better ideas.

The end.

(Yes, this will be my zillionth blog.)

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  1. Douglas Adams, in Last Chance To See, features a picture of a gorilla with a stick. The caption reads, “A gorilla with a stick. This is where all the trouble started.” So “Gorilla With A Stick” appeals to me, but is probably way too obscure.

    In lieu of the perfect name for your new blog, have you seen this? It came up on a Google search when I was looking for inspiration.

  2. While I love clever titles, I think Google will bless you if you simply name it “Animal Intelligence.” It’s easy, catchy, and straightforward.

  3. Oh yeah — I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but we have a Custom Box Service chicken. She’s a volunteer chicken. We have no idea where she came from, but she hangs in the back corner with the kittens. I am not making this up. For example, I just went out to the shed to feed and water the cats. When I looked out a couple minutes later, the chicken had joined them around the pie plate (for whatever reason, we feed the kittens on a pie plate). The three of them were munching away. It’s so strange!

  4. You could name it “Animal Farm” after the Orwell book. If you cant get “animal intelligence” then “aniaml IQ” I think would be good.

    Although you could always call it “I should be working right now but instead I create another blog”.

    Isn’t your little brother so funny.

  5. I like Animal Minds, but I think a previous commenter had a good point about popping up in search engines. What about AI: Animal Intelligence, with a domain of

  6. The chicken is still there? I haven’t seen her on the weekends. I imagine she is showing up because she likes the kitten food. How funny, that they’re all eating together — I bet that would make a cute picture. (BTW, their dish is a small metal pie plate because it was expendable; if a male had been grabbing a dish to feed the kittens out of in a hurry, it probably would have been the best casserole dish.) 😉

  7. Not that I want to be a party pooper, but do you think you’d have time for another blog. I notice that some blogs haven’t been seeing new entries from you in a while 😉