Help Me Name Weblog #7

by J.D. Roth

Okay. That’s it. This is the last straw. I’m starting yet-another weblog. I need help with a name, though. Kris thinks my ideas are dumb. So what’s good?

To be clear: this weblog will feature stories about animals, and especially about animal intelligence. Sure, I’ll post cute pictures of ducklings and videos of funny cats, but mostly I’m just going to post stories about animal intelligence.

If this weblog takes more than an hour a week, I’ll quit. Seriously. I intend to use it simply as a gathering place for all of the animal intelligence stories I find (and that are sent to me — you guys are great!).

My top name choice right now is “Animal Minds” (which would be hosted at My second choice is “Smile on a Dog”. If you think those names suck, then give me some better ideas.

The end.

(Yes, this will be my zillionth blog.)

Updated: 26 July 2006

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