You know, I’m a native Oregonian, and I love the climate around Portland (and Canby, especially), but the older I get, the more I look forward to spring. There’s rain expected tomorrow, but I don’t care: right now the sun is shining. It’s warm outside. Our low temperatures are now about where our high temperatures were just a couple of weeks ago.

I feel like a veil has lifted, and that I’m seeing the world unclouded for the first time in months.

I came home yesterday afternoon, peeled off my sweater, and spent half an hour walking around the yard in short sleeves, puffing my pipe, pulling dandelions from the lawn, watching the cats play in the newly-tilled earth. The birds were squawking like crazy, for no apparent reason. Oliver, the neighbor cat, came over to give me advice on yard maintenance.

The other night, we grilled our first steaks of the year.

I want to get on a bike and pedal.

Bring on the sun!

(Come back in July and August to hear me bitch and moan about how hot it is…)

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