I know this sounds crazy, but out of all the many web pages I’ve constructed over the years, the one of which I’m most proud is the foldedspace splash page. It’s a thing of beauty: elegant, simple, and to-the-point. (I like it so much that I re-used the design to create a new Get Rich Slowly splash page.)

The site of which I’m most proud is Money Hacks, which is sort of silly since it simply uses a standard WordPress template modified to my needs. And yet there it is: that’s my favorite site that I’ve constructed.

The fact is I’m not particularly adept at HTML or CSS. I know enough to get into trouble. I’m able to work with blog templates, and to create rudimentary sites from scratch, but the last time my skills were anything close to cutting-edge was 1996. I really haven’t learned much new since 1999. (Thus my frequent claim that my HTML skills are “oh-so-very 1999”.)

But I get by.

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