Suddenly my friends and I can’t spell. Our e-mail exchanges have become ghastly sights. I’ve always had a problem with homonyms — how many times have I used ‘through’ when I meant ‘threw’? — but now the problem seems to have exploded, and just when I’m writing more than I ever have before. Worse, I’ve begun substituting unrelated words for the words I intend. And sometimes my mind is racing so far ahead the I end up using words from later in the sentence before they’re needed. It’s very, very strange.

Here are some real-life examples from recent e-mails, both from me and from friends. I’ve bolded the offending words:

John David Roth: If I were to do an external hard drive now, I’d go for a laptop-sized drive, actually, which I think is 3-1/2″. By the drive, mount it in a case (sold seperately), and voila!

Paul David Carlile: (in reply to the above) Thanks. I know understand better what you mean.

John David Roth: Huh. Comments on Mefi Projects on world-viewable. Who knew? (should be “aren’t”)

Joel Alexander Miron: Wow, so JD one the league (right?) with the sixth-most points? Truly he was the Pittsburgh Steelers of 2005.

Tiffany Sue Gates: They think that I stained my

Tammy Lee Jata: And heres the third time. We’re coming and most likely so will shelly and justin.

Etc. Etc. Etc. These are but a few examples.

I guess it could be worse. I guess we could all b l33t. or we cud do lik teenz whn txting.

7 Replies to “I cant Spel”

  1. tim says:

    “cud do lik teenz whn txting”

    Is it just my imagination, or are teens slowly shifting towards an almost Yiddish-style of dialect? Maybe I’m only seeing that out of some strange occupational hazard?

  2. tammy says:

    Well Im not surprised to see me on that list. Most of my mistakes are because of my notorious typing skills. (or lack of skills)

    One can scarecly read the blogs on my space because they’re all written in that teen language. I think text messaging is lending to the dumbing down of our youth today!

  3. J.D. says:


    Another one, this time from my personal finance weblog today…

    Hotel bills often have $100 bills tucked inside them.

    That should be Bibles. I’m mortified…

  4. shawnde says:

    I just had this conversation with my brother the other day! Sadly, my spelling panic came from some difficulty spelling the word “delicious”. I sat here at my computer sounding out “delishious” knowing that it was wrong and not knowing why. It’s so sad. It’s such a simple word.

  5. Lynn says:

    There’s a sign (it’s been there for about 3 mos) between Canby and Woodburn that advertises ‘trackters.’ I have to look away when I pass it.

  6. Andy Baio says:

    You must be a blast at parties! “You want to go get drinks with Heather and I?” “Heather and me.”

  7. Andrea says:

    Wow. Good thing I didn’t comment on your blog while my keyboard was on the fritz. Is it still hot there? Maybe it’s the heat? Or maybe it was a souvenir from the east coast that I left for you and your friends. Cuz ya know, we east coasters LOVE to talk to fast and talk faster than we can think most of the time.

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