Yessir, this full-time writing stuff is going to be amazing.

On Sunday, I generated ten blog posts on various topics. (None of them for foldedspace, sadly.) Today, I produced 28 single-spaced pages for an e-book project. The mind boggles. (Of course, much of that material was refurbished from previous bits, but still…there was plenty of new stuff, too.)

When I’m able to work without interruption, I get a lot done.

Unfortunately, we have four cats. This may not seem like an issue on the surface, but it is. At any one time, there’s at least one (and sometimes two or three) cats who want my attention. They drove me nuts this afternoon!

Eventually I had to banish the beasts outside. For three hours they pawed at the window and gave me their most forlorn looks. I ignored them. I got stuff done. Then I let them in and they were up on the table, begging for attention. Poor things.

3 Replies to “In Which the Cats Hinder My Productivity”

  1. Josh says:

    Heh! Think cats are disruptive? Try children. I’ve done both now, and while needy cats can be extremely annoying, needy children are all-consuming.

    Plus, the cats don’t need you to change their diapers. 😉

  2. Amy Jo says:

    Hanna drives me batty when I’m trying to work. I try and try to reason with her but all she does is look at me, crawl all over me, and bitch until she gets her way! I fight her all day and all night. I’m hoping she is deathly afraid of the baby so she’ll leave me the f-alone!

  3. eric says:

    hiiiighlarrrrious !! my pup is the same way in the studio. lmao!!

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