When I started working from home in March, Kris and I developed a system to encourage me to get some household chores done during the day. We’ve placed a dry-erase board at the top of the landing, and every day Kris writes down her top priorities for me. Most of the time, I this works well. (I don’t always get the chore(s) done, but I do try.)

I had to laugh at this weekend’s chores, however:

  • Pile on bench
  • Kitchen table pile
  • Guest room piles

And this doesn’t even include one of the tasks I have for myself: “office piles”.

Yes, I’m a piler. Anything I don’t get processed gets stacked. Unfortunately, right now I have more things in piles than I ever have in my life. I count eight distinct piles of Stuff I have to process.

If I were efficient at processing piles, this might not be a problem. And if I weren’t so busy right now, that’d also make things easier. But as it is, I feel like I have piles of things to do.

3 Replies to “Piling It On”

  1. pam says:

    i just went through my piles…and made some new ones.

  2. pam says:

    some poser is posting as me (ahem, Mackenzie!).

    I always tell Mac that in my dream house there would be no horizontal surfaces so that he couldn’t leave his piles everywhere!! I guess that would just leave heaping mounds on the floor, though. Today Mac cleaned his desk (sort of – more like rearranged piles). Tonight when we finished playing cribbage, what did he do? He put the score sheet in a pile on his desk rather than straight to the recycling (we both hate the cribbage board and score with paper – our own special system- but maybe the board would actually get put away – hmmm)

    -The real Pam

  3. Gregb says:

    Some people have filing systems others, piling systems. They both work. Don’t worry about it.

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