as if my physical woes weren’t bad enough with my right quad/left quad/right groin perpetual soccer problems now i have excruciating pain in my left shoulder which appeared from nowhere this afternoon. i must type with my right hand only. this will be short.

so after work i was walking to the car and i thought to myself gee my left shoulder is kinda sore and i drove home and i took some ibuprofen and i told kris gee my left shoulder is kinda sore. we ate tater tots and we played more lost cities and after we were done i played some warcraft iii but i had to stop because my shoulder was kinda sore. more than kinda. really sore. now i tried to go to sleep but i couldn’t because my shoulder is very very very sore, so sore that it almost brings tears to my eyes. kris says now you know how i feel. what she means is a couple times a year she gets a pinched nerve in her neck or her back and she moans in agony for days and i’m not very sympathetic. well ha! i will be sympathetic now because this is kinda sore, no — really sore. so sore that i don’t even notice my soccer woes because all i can notice is that my shoulder is sore and i can’t get to sleep even though i got up at 4:30 this morning to go in to custom box service and now what will i do if i can’t get to sleep? i guess i’ll go watch brazilian soccer on fox sports world or trading spaces on tlc or maybe i’ll just sit here and stare dully at the screen thinking about how much pain i am in.

it seems like lately i’m just one hypochondriac mess. or that’s how i’d view myself if i wasn’t me. but i’m me, so i’m not a hypochondriac mess, i’m just a mass of sores.

i won both games of lost cities. that was good. so were the tater tots.


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