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Rediscovering Ramen

In college, like most folks, I was an enthusiastic devotee of ramen: that quick and delicious (and cheap!) meal of noodles and salt. Oh, how I loved to boil the water in those little plug-in appliances (the name of which now escapes me), to split the cake of noodles in two, two add the seasoning packet. What camaraderie to slurp a bowl of noodles with a friend. A tasty meal for only ten cents.

With actual adulthood came actual meals, though, and ramen noodles faded into memory. That is until I bought a couple packages on a whim a few weeks ago. Why not? It was a twenty cent gamble. Since then, I’m hooked: So savory! So delicious!

Why, I’m enjoying a bowl this very moment…

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  1. I think the name of the device that you’re searching for is “hot pot”. At least, that’s what we called them.

  2. Listen to Kris. Mysteriously, last week on our office floor I discovered a Diet Analysis computer printout of yours dated May 7, 1997- June 16, 1997. I’m pretty sure you weren’t eating ramen then–somehow you got your total fat intake down to 15.7%. I really don’t know how that paper made it to our floor . . .

  3. Yum! We also love Ramen. However, we definitely limit the treat. I seldom am willing to pay more that 8 cents a package, so I only buy it on sale. Add a good helping of vegetables and share with more than one person and it becomes a much better meal for you, only ingesting one-third of the salt, etc.