State of the Blog

by J.D. Roth

No real entry today, just a bunch of housekeeping. Kim has forwarded some new photos, so I’ll be updating the entry on little Isabel Pilar this afternoon. Meanwhile, here is the state of foldedspace.

I have several long entries finished or nearly finished. (One has existed since the beginning of August!) They’re all drawn-out meditations on subjects like photography, religion, and the Mac vs. PC debate. I’ll try to polish these and post them soon. I’ve also got several “guest” entries submitted by you folks that I need to post. Meanwhile, you’ll get the same old mix of daily life, media reviews, snapshots of friends, and geeky obsessiveness that you’re used to. I’m happy to take requests for other topics, too. If you have suggestions, let me know!

I still can’t figure out why this weblog’s display is goofed up in Internet Explorer on the PC. Any HTML/CSS gurus out there want to give me hand? It never bothers me because I don’t view this site with IE on a PC. However, ninety percent of you do use this combination, however, so I’m embarrassed to have such obvious lingering display issues.

Miscellaneous Flotch
This weblog really consists of two separate blogs: the one you’re reading now and that little sidebar off to the right, the Miscellaneous Flotch. Some of you come to read me ramble about my life; others come for the random links I post. (Some of you come for both.) When this site crashed, the entire flotch section received a massive upgrade; it even has its own full page now! During the past few weeks, I’ve tried to reduce the amount of casual surfing I do. Since it is from this casual surfing that I harvest flotch links, I’ve had fewer to post. Fortunately, you readers have been picking up the slack. It’s not just Dave who’s sending me links, but John and Lisa and Josh and Jim and Amy Jo. I just want to say: keep it up. I may not post everything you send, but I’ll post most of it.

General Motivation
“I really haven’t been into the weblog lately,” I told Mac a couple weeks ago. “I can tell,” he said. Since that conversation I’ve posted every day. Suddenly I’m into the weblog again. Funny how that works. That being said, I am going to try to ease up a bit on the frequency of posting: maybe an average of four times per week instead of five.

Comment Spam
The spammers have discovered this weblog’s new location, and they’re making the most of it. There’s the ==================================== guy (those of you with weblogs probably know what I mean), but he’s easy to deal with because he only leaves a couple comments per day. The other night I was flooded by Vumas the colobumumum man. Lordy what a flood of spam! There have been other isolated instances, too. What this means to you, dear reader, is that I’ve had to activate stricter comment requirements. Previously I had left everything open. I’ll still accept comments from anyone, but most of them won’t appear on the web site until I grant approval. (If I actually understood how Movable Type’s “trusted commenters” thing works, all the regulars would have automatic posting privileges. I don’t understand how it works, however, so I have to approve almost everyone. I even have to approve my own comments. Sheesh!) I’m sorry it’s come to this, but there you go.

And that is the state of the blog. I’m off to deliver the last batch of Christmas baskets. Have fun!

(p.s. For the past six weeks, Lisa has been on a tear over at Chez Briscoe. She’s been posting often, and posting on a variety of subjects. It’s awesome. Go read her!)

Updated: 20 December 2005

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