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Sushi Cam

Here’s a fun video I discovered a couple of months ago. I’m not sure why I didn’t share it before. At a sushi bar in Japan, the dishes are served on a conveyer belt. Patrons take the food they want as it comes to them. Here, a young woman has placed her digital video camera on the conveyer to let it make its 7-1/2 minute trip through the restaurant. The result is strangely mesmerizing:

As I say, I watched this a few months ago, but dismissed it as a novelty. But I’ve thought about the video many times since. I love the way it captures so many small moments.

It’s enthralling.

  1. I was entranced as well. I started noticing how many people had faces that turned down at the bottom of their mouths (like frowns).

  2. You can come up to Portland and go to one of several sushi conveyor belt places. The one I ate at was just ok, but maybe you could plop a camera down.

  3. Reminds me strongly of one of the endless tracking shots from a Robert Altman movie. Except that I couldn’t understand most of the dialog, and I didn’t see any celebrity cameos. 🙂

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