It’s not even autumn and Kris is already whining:

“I’m cold and it’s only September. It makes me dread the long, cold winter ahead of me!”

By the way, I should point out that the only way I’m able to write so damn much is because Kris picks up the slack around this place. She’s been awesome. You all should know that. I don’t mention it often enough.

3 Replies to “The Long, Cold Winter Ahead”

  1. Lane says:

    I had to turn my seat heater on this morning!! It is still summer, dammit.

  2. Paul says:

    We started our first fire in our fireplace tonight. It feels a bit silly. It’s not too cold but we are without any other heat source as of the moment (furnace guys show up next Monday!).

  3. Amanda says:

    Here in Florida we have at least another month of 80+ degree weather. It may sound enticing, but consider that it starts in April and hovers in the high 90s from May until September, sometimes as late as October, and you may be able to appreciate your fall weather.

    I know I’m very much looking forward to sleeping with the windows open in two months or so. 🙂

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