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The Street of Cheap Dreams

Get your geek on!

Come browse the third annual Geek Garage Sale. Part of an entire street filled with sales, ours offers comic books, board games, role-playing games, computer books, movies, Star Trek stuff, baseball annuals and a whole lot more.

I’m going to be selling the comics for cheap — basically a buck a piece unless something’s especially cool or especially lame. I have a run of Marvel’s Conan from 26-50, a large chunk of Wonder Woman, a (nearly) complete set of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a bunch of Star Wars comics, and so much more.

I’ll be selling some assorted comics compilations, too, including Watchmen, Sandman, and a stack of Marvel Essentials. (The Essentials are $5/ea, the others are $10/ea.)

This year we’re selling a reclining love seat in great condition. (We just don’t have room for it in our house.) We’re also selling a gas range in not-so-great condition (but it’s cheap). We have vases and women’s clothing and plants and pots for said plants and hundreds of compact discs (mostly eighties and nineties rock). There’s a fully-functional television, a sometimes-functional DVD player, a cordless drill, and — if you want her — a bitchy twelve-year-old black cat.

Most of all, there are books. Lots of books. So many books that you can basically name your price.

Oh yeah: I’m finally selling my typewriter. Can you believe it? That’s wholesale commitment to the Information Age…

The eighth annual Street of Cheap Dreams (and third annual Geek Garage Sale) takes place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9-5. The Geek Garage Sale is located at 15112 SE Lee Avenue in Oak Grove, just south of Milwaukie, and only twelve minutes from Portland. (We’re just twenty minutes from Canby, so come on up, old friends!)

While you’re out here, check out the other neighborhood garage sale.

(Note that because of the garage sale, I probably won’t have computer access tomorrow or Friday and maybe not on Saturday. I have a big entry planned for tomorrow, though, so it’ll probably end up postdated. Watch for it.)

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  1. U get good things at at bargain prices at sale. And they r quite interesting also. So u r heading towards the Street of Cheap Sale! All the best!

  2. Noon of day one and we’re at $86 ($36.50 of which is mine). Last year we finished at $123.50 after day one.We’re ahead of that pace.