Man, I’m wishy-washy sometimes. “I’m going to re-boot Animal Intelligence!” “Wait, no I’m not!” “I’m going to start a blog about awesome people!” “Wait, no I’m not!” Etcetera. Etcetera.

After talking with Kris and Paul Jolstead, however, and after thinking about what my life goals are, I’m coming down on the “No I’m not” side of things again. Besides, I’m having a lot of fun doing and writing about lots of different stuff. I might as well be sharing it here.

Sometimes I get discouraged that the readership at Foldedspace has dwindled to nothing, but what can I expect? Yes, this site used to get 40,000 visitors a month, but that’s back before I had a money blog, back when I was posting every day. And it took me five years to reach that level.

Nowadays, Foldedspace is lucky to get 4,000 visits per month, but maybe if I spend some time actually, you know, writing here, I can bring those numbers up. What do you say we give it a shot? Maybe in five years, I can be back to the 40,000 visits a month I used to have.

So, here are my goals for this site:

  • I want to move all of the old, archived entries from the previous site over here, either with or without comments. (I prefer “with”, of course.) I think my soon-to-be brother-in-law has agreed to help me write a script to parse the old posts. (If that’s not true, Paul, just say so.)
  • I want to write more about my daily life. Most of it’s boring — “I worked out at Crossfit, I went to the office and wrote all day, I watched Glee with Kris” — but there’s still some fun stuff that happens from time to time.
  • I want to take all of these billions of blog ideas I have, and just write about those topics here. Comics? Here. Animal intelligence? Here. Awesome people? Here. Basically, Foldedspace can once again be a place where I write about my many passions.

I know I’ve made several false starts to resume regular blogging here, but I do hope this time will be different. I just have to remind myself that even if nobody else seems to be reading, at least I’m having fun.

I used to write for this site as if nobody were reading it. Lately, I’ve been writing as if everyone were reading it. Doing the latter makes me feel cramped. I’m going to let loose, I think, and just be myself. If that pisses some people off, so be it. And if others are bored by the cats and comic books, that’s fine too. I’ll just make this a blog that I want to read.

12 Replies to “To Blog or Not to Blog”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Keep writing Jd, keep writing.

  2. Amy Jo says:

    You just made one of your readers very happy!

  3. luneray says:

    I always enjoyed reading about whatever you decided to write about.

    GRS is your vocation; let this be your avocation.

  4. Kay Lynn says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more here (especially that I know you like Glee!).

  5. Abby B says:

    I too love following both of your blogs! I love the personal non finance related things you find to explore over here. It’s like getting to see another side of you.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Think its a great idea! Love how your write and I love the variety. Plus with variety I think you can draw a large crowd. Example my husband would never read an animial blog, but he loves comics and personal fitness. Can’t wait to read more!

  7. Lance says:

    a lot of us liked it when you wrote for nobody but yourself (cause your self is a lot like my self)

  8. Carol says:

    Keep writing. If I/we don’t like it, we don’t have to read it. Personally, I like hearing about everyday life in another part of the country (I’m in the mid-Atlantic, currently shivering mightily).

  9. eileen says:

    Yes, do it, keep writing.

  10. Barb says:

    Be yourself. your blog is interesting because we find YOU interesting. Add a photo here and there. Comment on things you read. Comment on things that happened to you recently – kids, pets, the house, exercise. The more uniquely YOU that your writing is, the more likely WE will like it.

  11. Amber says:

    Hi J.D. – long-time reader here, first time commenting. I love your writing so I’m excited about more personal writing from you on this site. I love GRS, but my favorite posts are often the ones with personal anecdotes/stories from your life. And like you said on GRS, you’ve achieved a great work/life balance (and I’m a big fan of balance) so why not keep it simple. 🙂


  12. bethh says:

    I bet lots of your readers still have you in a feed somewhere – it’s how I know you’ve got new posts (though I’ve been a bit swamped and haven’t even read all your vacation posts!). If you write, they may come, and in the meantime you’ll be amusing yourself. Sounds like a win to me!

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