Earlier in the month I wrote about Sammy, our blue jay of happiness. Sammy is the semi-tame jay who loves Kris. (Well, he loves her peanuts, anyhow.)

Last weekend, I set out my camera and filmed ten minutes while Toto and I sat at the picnic table, eating fresh strawberries and feeding the jays. I’ve trimmed that down to the following three minutes, which Kris and I think are fun.

Be warned, however, that when Andrew watched this he was unimpressed. “This is boring,” he said. I’m sure most of you will find it so. But I like the way this captures late spring/early summer at Rosings Park — the lazy pace, the birds, the cats.

2 Replies to “Video: Sammy the Friendly Jay”

  1. luneray says:

    did the jay actually perch on the camera? I noticed it wobbled near the end after you tossed nuts in that direction.

  2. Mom says:

    Sammy is one blue jay I like. I was waiting for a cat to show up, since you mentioned them, so I was glad that I watched it all, including those last 3 seconds. Unfortunately, though, on my archaic computer, the whole thing took a total of 20 minutes to play. (I watched the first half yesterday before the thunder got bad and today just let it cycle through that part while I paid bills here in the office, then watched the second half.)

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