This week’s subject for Photo Friday is water. Fortunately, I’ve already created an image that will work: I still like this photograph of the South Falls at Silver Creek Falls State Park.

[Long, tall photograph of South Falls in which the falls is white against a black background]

This photograph was made with my 20mm wide-angle lens. The mist from the falls had coated the lens (explaining the blotchy effect in the upper-right of the image), and I was very panicky about taking the photo from my tripod. I snapped the image and then yanked off the camera and tucked it in my sweatshirt to dry.

Warren hates the light spot in the upper-right. He says it detracts from the impact, pulling the viewer’s eye from the subject, and he’s probably right. Does it lead your eye away from the waterfall? Personally, I like the effect. It gives the photograph an almost sacred tone.


On 21 April 2003 (12:04 PM),
J.D. said:

Oh yeah — the other key feature of this photograph is that it is underexposed. The meter read the light from the sky and from the waterfall and stopped down the aperature (I had the camera on autoexposure at the time). I feel this works better than if I had made a “correct” exposure in the first place, revealing the detail in the ferns and trees and trails on the other side of the falls.

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