What if all of these intelligent, witty people I know — people who like to write and who wish they wrote more often — what if all of these people had some sort of communal outlet for sharing their creative output? (And for sharing other art: drawing, photography, etc.)

What form would this forum take? Non-critical, to be sure; low-pressure — just a place to share what has been created.

I’ve nothing in mind; I’m only wondering aloud.

Simon is fascinated by the dog next door

[photo of Simon looking out window]


On 18 January 2003 (03:00 PM),
Dana said:

Well, you could organize it as a sort of virtual gallery.

Each of your friends could have a “wing”, which would consist of a blog-like interface where they could post and archive comments, text, pictures, mp3s, or whatever.

The main page could contain a general introduction and perhaps a “most recently posted” sort of scroll, aggregating the individual “wing” posts (or perhaps just a summary or excerpt).

That’s just one possibility, of course. You’d probably also want some assurance that people would contribute.

On 18 January 2003 (07:00 PM),
Tammy said:

I’d go for it. I thnk that sounds like a cool idea. I’m not very computer savvy so it would have to be fairly easy for me to move around in. sigh! I’ve been begging my husband to teach me how to put pictures on the internet so I can email them to my friends but he hasn’t got the time! I secretly think that he’s not totally sure how to do it either! Shhh! Don’t tell him I said that! We have a digital camera but it sure isn’t doing us much good!

By the way, JD, is that a yellow wall in your house or is my computer color off. It sure apppears yellow. Just wondering. After having been to my house I’m sure you know how I like yellow! tee hee

On 18 January 2003 (10:25 PM),
Virginia said:

Sounds like a great idea, only problem is are you going to give lessons to some of us who want to do big things, but can’t. I am impressed by your pictures. I think your going to do great. Maybe you will be a celebrity too some day. That way I won’t know what to click on when I type in
J. D. Roth for a keyword.

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