“Are you watching YouTube again?” Kris asks me nearly every day. Usually I am. She doesn’t get it. But to me, YouTube is just another form of blogging. Both are new forms of community, ways to express yourself and to interact with other people (most of whom are strangers, no doubt, but who can become acquaintances — or friends).

The following video is an hour long, but it does an outstanding job of capturing the mood, the mentality, and the motives behind blogging. Even though it’s about YouTube:

The world is a mess lately: economic turmoil, a contentious Presidential election, and rumors of doom from the corners of the globe. But, for whatever reason, this new interconnectivity gives me hope.

2 Replies to “Why I Blog”

  1. I love YouTube too. The variance between TV and YouTube is so vast. I like that YouTube lets anyone who can upload a video speak. There are videos to make you laugh, cry, and ponder life.

    It’s a great resource and I feel lucky to grow up in a day and age of blogs, YouTube, and Podcasts.

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