Several weeks ago I shared my list of 101 things I wanted to do in 1001 days. I’m pleased with my progress so far. It hasn’t been stellar, but that’s because I’m not trying to overload myself. I’ve started by trying to tackle several health-related goals.

Tomorrow is the last day of my “one month drinking only water” challenge, for example. During the month of May, I’ve only allowed myself to drink water and two water-based derivatives: mineral water (including Talking Rain flavored waters) and non-caffeinated tea. At the same time, I’ve started my “three months with no alcohol” project.

These were easy at first. Water is fine for a week or two, and I don’t crave alcohol under normal circumstances. The past few days, however, has been a trial. More and more, I’m craving jazzier beverages. I want a diet Pepsi. Or some fruit juice. Or, especially, a glass of wine.

Actually, I’ve only craved the wine under two particular circumstances. Last Saturday, we held a small dinner party with the Bankses and the Jolstead-Woodruffs. Typically at events like this, I’d join in the wine-drinking. This time I didn’t. It was a struggle. Then on Monday, I went over to Craig and Lisa’s for a fine meal of salmon (and other tasty treats). Again wine was on the bill. Again I felt the urge to drink, and regretted that I couldn’t.

But otherwise the alcohol gives me no trouble.

But, as I say, the water is more of a problem. I only have a little more than a day left there, though, so I’m not too worried. I’m going to make it.

Meanwhile I’ve begun my “one week without sugar” experiment. Yesterday was fine. Today was fine until after lunch. After lunch I craved something sweet. In a bold and creative move, I discovered a way to have both something sweet and a non-water liquid, all without breaking my pact. Today at Costco I purchased some jumbo-sized grapefruits. “Those look sweet,” I thought to myself, and I devoured one in just a couple minutes. Then, as I do, I squeezed the juice into my mouth. Awesome! Buying juice in the store would be cheating. But drinking it from the fruit? Fair game, my friends, fair game.

So, after tomorrow, my progress on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list looks like this:

Health and Fitness: give up sugar for one week (3 days out of 7, in progress); drink only water for one month (complete); give up alcohol for three months (1 month out of 3, in progress). I’ve also begun biking again, and Mac has agreed to loan me his free weights.

Financial: fully fund Roth IRA (2006) (complete). No further progress.

Home and Garden: no progress.

Personal: purge wardrobe of anything I haven’t worn in the past two years (in progress); learn to shave with a safety razor (complete); hold a gourmet potluck (scheduled); create the indispensable comic strip library (sketched out).

Self-improvement: no progress.

Adventure: no progress.

Entertainment: a little progress on all three goals.

Photography: no progress.

Reading: I finished one more Pulitzer winner.

Writing: I’ve begun collecting recipes for the Friends Cookbook.

Work: the GRS forums have been implemented; I’m still working on a GRS podcast; Success Daily has a template, and I’ve even written a couple entries, but the site won’t launch for several months; I have some keen ideas for Vintage Pop; I’ve registered domain names for Too Much Cat.

I’ll post progress reviews every couple of months. It’s the only way to keep me accountable!

4 Replies to “101 Goals: May 2007 Update”

  1. Paul J. says:


    Impressive. The copy cat in me want to come out. I tried making a list but I couldn’t even complete that!

    Keep it up.

  2. Cat says:

    Ha–I, too, am considering copying, if only because I’ve been on a “self-coaching” kick lately, and this sounded like fun.

    When you first posted the list, I wished you well and shrugged. Now, I’m thinking…maybe. Stay tuned.

  3. Matt Haughey says:

    JD, we should do a ride into portland one of these days. Ping me when you have a free saturday morning for that.

  4. Joel says:

    Stay away from the O’Brianead! Those novels always make me want to drink wine, brandy, and, of course, rum.

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