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What We Are

One of the benefits of having many blogs with many readers is that these readers send me many, many interesting things. It makes my life easier. (Sort of.) Here’s a piece sent to me by David Hatch, who sends me a lot of good stuff (though it’s usually about personal finance).

This video pretty much sums up my world view.

“Laugh while you can, monkey boy!” — John Whorfin, Buckaroo Banzai

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  1. And then the monkeys make elitist YouTube videos and blog posts calling the other monkeys out as monkeys.

  2. Monkeys and Buckaroo Banzai! What a great entry!

    “It’s not my goddamn planet. Understand, monkey boy?” — John Bigboote

    And, of course, the greatest line of them all: “Big-boo-TAY! TAY! TAY!!!”