We’re still test-driving Max. “He is cute,” Kris admitted last night, as he snuggled next to her to watch Amelie. The other cats — Toto, Simon, and Nemo — aren’t convinced.

Actually, Toto is a little less growly at Max than she is at Nemo, though she’s still growly. Simon and Nemo were both cranky initially, and they’re still concerned, but their fears seem to be waning. Last night Max made blind jump onto a chair where Nemo was sleeping. Though Max stepped on him, Nemo maintained composure. Then, while we were getting ready to sleep, Max was stalking Simon’s tail. Simon was sleeping on a corner of the bed, and as he dreamed his tailed flicked gently. This was too much to resist apparently, and Maxie pounced. Simon snapped awake, but he didn’t growl or hiss — he simply glared.

Max loves to play, and I think that eventually his brothers will be pleased to have him around. Especially Nemo.

My wellness program is going well. Despite a week of temptations — some of which I succumbed to — my weight remains unchanged and I feel good. (The real benefit of this program is how I feel, actually, and not how much I weigh.)

I’ve re-discovered something I already knew: it’s a mistake to have anything tempting in the house at all. For example, I bought some hard candies for the Roth family Christmas on Saturday. Only a few got eaten, so all Sunday I munched on the leftovers. I have no self-control. This is my first real sugar lapse since starting six weeks ago. I intend to simply toss the candy when I get home tonight. Yes, it’s a waste of a couple bucks, but so what? The benefit is worth much more.

As I mentioned, we had Roth family Christmas on Saturday. It was actually rather nice. Since Tony moved his family to Bend, we don’t see him them very often. It was good to spend some time together. (This must be what it’s like for normal families — when you spend most of your waking hours with your siblings, holiday gatherings can be rather anticlimactic.)

I was startled at how much Tony’s oldest son, Michael, resembles me at that age. He’s in second grade, and looking at him is like looking at one of my school photos. I know lots of other kids, and like most of them, but looking at Michael is different. It’s eerie. It’s like looking at future J.D. Or past J.D. Or something.

The Wii was a hit, yet again. That sports game Nintendo included was a stroke of genius. It’s so easy that a four-year-old can play. Well, okay, not quite. But a five-year-old could. And a four-year-old can with the help of a parent. Until he’s bored and lays down in the middle of the floor where everyone else is trying to play tennis!

The problem with being a professional blogger (yes, I did just write that) is that there’s never any time off. A free Sunday afternoon? Should I get together with friends? Head down to Zion for sing-your-own-Messiah? Watch movies with Kris? Nope. Time to whip up a few entries because I know that I won’t have time during the day this week — I’ll be off playing Santa Claus with my customers.

7 Replies to “A Lot Like Christmas”

  1. Amy Jo says:

    Sorry for adding more temptation to your household . . .

  2. Cat says:

    Yay, yay, YAY for bringing Max home for a “test drive”.

    *gives Max a virtual head pat*

  3. Tom/Baltimore avenue/Ventnor says:


    If you are the right person let me know how are you doing. How is the rest of Family. Dad ,Mom,sisters…We were neighbors. I took you to auditions in NYC. Chris took you there too….
    Chris Father died thia month..His name was Nick, big Nick

    Have a good Holiday

    Tom L (THE GREEK)

  4. Four cats is a lot, but we have four cats in probably a much smaller space than your house, and it works out okay. Really, if the cats get along and you can deal with scooping the litter and being crowded out of the bed, then it will probably be fine.

    We introduced our two young cats to the two old cats when the former were young kittens (about 2 months), and although they have not become the best of friends, they all get along. My guess is that Toto may never warm to Max, but they’ll be able to draw boundaries. Max may befriend the other cats given time, but it may take a couple of years before they get friendly. Newton and Blackjack started play-fighting in earnest only this past year (Blackjack is now 3-1/2 years old).

    It probably helps that Max is still young enough that he’s not very territorial yet, in the sense that he doesn’t have his own territory and he’s not disturbed at having been picked up to live somewhere else. He’s probably the one who will have to accede to the older cats’ preferences, but young cats are more willing to do that than are older cats.

    Good luck! I think this will be much better for Max in the long run than living at your workplace.

  5. Drew says:

    All that aside, Kris makes fine pickles.

  6. Kristin says:

    You made the WRONG decision on Sunday evening, JD. Sing Your Own Messiah was the right one. 🙂 Maybe you’ll get another chance next year.

  7. Jeff says:

    Stephanie and I went to SYOM once… but we quickly discovered that we couldn’t sing our own Messiahs if our lives depended on it… I just hope we weren’t sitting close enough to any Gingeriches that they might have actually heard us attempting to sing… 😉

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