You know, it’s easy to dig yourself into a hole if you keep making the same promise for six years.

To my mind, the most important holiday each year is a person’s birthday. The most important holiday for me is my birthday. The most important holiday for you is your birthday.

Six years ago — when I turned thirty-one — I threw myself a birthday party. “I’m going to throw a party for all my prime number birthdays,” I told everyone who would listen. “Next up: thirty-seven.” I invited a whole bunch of people over for a day of “guilty pleasures”, which mostly meant lots of brownies and cookies and frozen pizzas and pop. I set up a computer network in the family room and let people play Unreal Tournament, blasting each other to bits. It was fun.

(Two years ago, Kris and I held Chicken Noodle Fest near my birthday, though it wasn’t meant as a birthday party.)

Now time is short for me to decide what to for birthday celebration #37. I’ve had six years to plan, but wouldn’t you know it? I’m drawing a blank. I guess that’s not entirely true; I have plenty of ideas, but none of them really scream “pick me! pick me!” Among the options I’m considering

  • Guilty Pleasures II — Essentially a repeat of the shindig I held six years ago, but without the networked computer games. I’ve actually had a few people request this. They think it sounds fun.
  • Chicken Noodle Fest III — This is a distinct possibility: it’s family-oriented, so kids can be involved. It’s easy to prepare large vats of soup, and we have plenty of space for kids to play if it’s dry outside.
  • Game Night 2.01 — I intend to bring back regular game nights, and this would be a great time to do so.
  • Gourmet Potluck — I want to hold a gourmet potluck, but the drawback is I have a very specific guest list in mind for such an event: foodies only. This is too limiting.

Other possibilities include some sort of wine-tasting thing, or a poetry night, or a trip to a miniature golf course, or or or OR


What I do know is that I want to do something for my 37th birthday, and I want that something to involve as many friends as possible. I’d like to include kids, but it’s not a requirement. (If I don’t include kids, that’s going to knock out a bunch of the parents, too.) I also know that I need to decide this weekend. Time is getting short.

4 Replies to “Birthday Dilemma”

  1. Amy Jo says:

    How about a regular old potluck? That way you can include all of your friends AND their kids. We can have high class food AND guilty pleasures. We can play games AND read poetry. Heck, we can even have a sleep over (I can feel Kris scowling at me through cyberspace). Don’t fret about it. Whatever you decide to it will be fun!

  2. J.D. says:

    I can feel Kris scowling at me through cyberspac

    I’ll bet she’s mumbling something, too.

  3. Kris says:

    That’s groaning you hear, not mumbling. Just decide, already!

  4. Mt. Scott Community Center has a reasonably-priced private roller rink rental:

    I turn 37 on the 29th — what’s your date?

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