I often grouse and complain in this forum. It seems fitting that today — on a day that I feel great — I should take some time to be happy and cheerful.

And I do feel great. Why?

  • I’ve lost eleven pounds in the past six weeks; my pants are no longer tight.
  • I’m writing more than I ever have in my life.
  • I’m making and saving money.
  • The weather has been gorgeous (if a little warm).
  • I love my wife and she loves me.
  • Our garden is alive with new growth: flowers, berries, veggies.
  • I have a cat sitting in the crook of my left arm as I type, purring.
  • My personal finance blog is off to an awesome start. (And my comics blog was doing fine til I stopped posting.)
  • I’m reading a great book: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. (Again.)
  • I’ve been listening to great music (80s rock) all day.
  • I’ve been off the St. John’s wort for several weeks and feel fine.

And, most of all, I feel like I have a purpose. It has been years since I’ve had a purpose.

It seems everything’s coming up roses — everything’s going my way.

Update: I forgot to mention a couple of other things that have me happy:

  • Friends.
  • I made $425 at the garage sale last weekend, which I have earmarked for a Nintendo Wii this fall.
  • All of my weblogs have been very rewarding over the past month, and in many ways. (Keep sending me links, guys — I love it. I may even turn the flotch into a presentable stand-alone linkblog.)
  • Mike, a visitor to this site, took the time to look through my CSS file to find two bugs that had eluded me. Outstanding. The only reward he asked was: “Use Firefox. Don’t do drugs (or credit cards). Get out of debt and stay out of debt.” I already push Firefox heavily among PC-using friends and family, but I’m going to give a try on my Mac now.

If I think of more things that make me happy, I’ll post them.

4 Replies to “Coming Up Roses”

  1. Lee says:

    I’ve lost eleven pounds in the past six weeks.–not that I’d recommend that diet plan… 🙂

    The audio version of the No 1 LDA is just great. The reader, a native South African, uses a Botswanan accent for the characters and her native accent for the narrative. The Botswana accent is just charming.

    thanks for sharing your happy day! I feel happier now too.

  2. J.D. says:

    The audio version of the No 1 LDA is just great

    Oh, I know. I’m auditing it. It’s one of my favorite audio books EVER. I’ve downloaded the next three, also, and plan to listen to them in turn, though I know nothing about their quality…

  3. Aleppo says:

    J.D. – the Amazon link to No 1 LDA goes the ‘Science of Shopping’ book instead.

    Did you get the audiobook from iTunes?

  4. Lynn says:

    In regards to misc flotch link to the feral children….I have a very strange cousin who named her son FERAL! Everyone in the family just shakes their head.

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